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Chinese and SE Asian news, entertainment and culture
Aiya They Didn't!
Aiya They Didn't is dedicated to the sharing of entertainment and cultural news from the Sinosphere. This includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and any other major Chinese-speaking/influenced area such as Vietnam and Thailand. Anything falling under the umbrella of media or pop culture or celebrities is fair game. General news and politics can also be posted.


★ Posts are public, but commenting is MEMBERS-ONLY
★ Check tags and/or the custom Google search bar at the end of the profile to see if your article has been posted.
★ All posts must include a source link and must be in English. Either from a translated source or of your own accurate translation. We will not accept "translated" posts put through online language translators, as this is not a reliable means for determining article content.
★ Use LJ cuts. No more than two media items may be outside of a cut. This can be one pic and one vid or two pics. Any more than that must be cut.
★ No Hot-linking. Upload pictures to a hosting site such as Tinypic, Imageshack, or an LJ gallery. Try not to use Photobucket as bandwidth is easily exceeded.
★ Don't include anything in your post that will start playing instantly, whether it's audio or video. That's just annoying.
★ Posts must focus on subjects/people directly related to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Vietnam. Posts only indirectly related to these places are discouraged. (i.e. random foreign artist holds concert in Hong Kong)
★ Tag posts with any applicable tags


❖ No personal attacks on other members. Be respectful.
❖ In general, keep comments related to the post, unless it's in the birthday posts.
❖ Spamming/trolling is never acceptable. Gifs are cool if they're related to the post in some way.
❖ There's no need for fandom fights.



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