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A senior high rank official in Beijing said that the situation involving Fan Binbing was very serious.

Earlier, it was rumored that Fan Bingbing had been detained in a luxury hotel after being investigated for alleged tax evasion. A senior official said as he was watching the situation "Fan Bingbing is trapped, the situation is terribly serious. She will not be able to come back"

Rumors right now say that she is confined within the public security.

Meanwhile her brother who is in the group Nine Percent has been continuing updating his SNS while keeping his silence regarding his nuna's situation.


More sources:

After 3-Month Silence, Chinese Authorities Confirm Status of Disappeared Actress Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing's arrest could spell end of career: Chinese media
Fan Bingbing is reportedly under arrest and facing multiple charges from tax evasion to being involved in bank lending scandals

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(late) Lu Han's 2nd album

Lu Han concludes his digital single project with his second album XXVII. Since October 2016, the singer-actor has released five digital albums – Xperience, Xplore, Venture, Imagination and I – which passed ten million sales in total. Collecting all the songs from the album series, XXVII shows the 27-year-old's journey of self-discovery. American producer Santell and French songwriting duo Picard Brothers blended trendsetting genres – including trap, alternative R&B, future bass and electronic music – to create a stylish sound unique to Lu Han.

01. 某時某刻 Catch Me When I Fall
02. 微白城市 Winter Song
03. Skin To Skin
04. 敢 Roleplay
05. 如果 What If I Said
06. 時差 On Call
07. 夜行記 Say It
08. 觸發 Set It Off
09. 零界點 On Fire (feat. AR)
10. 心率 Like A Dream

Basically it's all his singles collected in one album.  I think it's a lot stronger than his first stuff though lol.


Karen Mok releases new album, collaborates with Yixing and others

Karen Mok celebrates her 25th anniversary with the album Half Time. The diva expresses her gratitude to fans and musicians that she has worked with through 11 songs created by JJ Lin, Li Ronghao, Hua Chenyu, Daryl Yao, Francis Lee, Khalil Fong, Matzka, EXO's Lay, Chow Yiu Fai, Wyman Wong and Terry Chan. Produced by Arai Soichiro, the commemorative release includes the main songs "Heartfelt," "Growing Fond of You" and "Half a Lifelong Romance: Here Is Where We Meet."

180528 Singer Karen Mok new album press con Yixing mention:

☆ The song YX arranged for her, 不待续 (lit trans Not To Be Continued) is a light, fast paced song w sleek & avant-garde melody
☆ she'll be playing the Chinese zither in the song
☆ hardest song to sing on her album

Karen also said Yixing is "a good kid who can both dance and sing", gave her the hardest song. It took her 3 whole days to sing/record but it was quite enjoyable and fun to work with a junior she really likes

Layshands, YA

When Sun Meets Moon film review

Kathy Yuen, Daichi Harashima in youth romance set in 1990s Hong Kong

Is radio host Benny Lau an even more hopeless romantic than Wong Kar-wai? This nostalgia-laden film, like his first, portrays human relationships as improbably pure and sincere with its story of young love overcoming obstacles.

He may have made only two films to date as a writer-director, but radio host Benny Lau Wai-hang is already vying with Wong Kar-wai for the title of Hong Kong cinema’s most hopeless romantic. Lau’s films evoke a nostalgia for his formative years during the early 1990s, while picturing love – and human relationships in general – as being improbably pure and sincere.

In his first feature Wong Ka Yan (2015), a heart-warming drama about people losing touch in the pre-social-media era, a young man sets out to track down his crush despite having only a vague recollection of her name – and no contact information. The story of this follow-up effort is even simpler – two star-crossed lovebirds try to maintain their relationship, primarily by letter writing.

o-scripted like the first film by Lau and his wife, the former TV anchor Petrina Wong Pui-yin, When Sun Meets Moon begins with a chance meeting between a pair of astrology enthusiasts, Sun (Daichi Harashima) and Moon (Kathy Yuen Ka-yee). The teenagers become inseparable after they coincidentally reunite at the stationery store where Moon works, and fall gently in love.

There are, of course, obstacles. The wealthy Sun, already set for further studies in the United States in a few months’ time, is temporarily sent to a local boarding school by his father (Jackie Lui Chung-yin) to correct his rebellious ways. Meanwhile, Moon’s working-class single mother (Maggie Shiu Mei-kei) is steadfast in breaking up their relationship to protect her daughter from a futile romance.

There are enough pleasant moments to carry the paper-thin story, as Sun adapts to his boarding school life and even shares romantic advice with his class teacher (Aimee Chan Yan-mei), while Moon channels her feelings into writing fairy tales. While the film may come across as nauseatingly twee to some viewers, others may well find something to savour in its refreshingly sweet and tender tone.

When Sun Meets Moon opens on May 31


This sounds cute. :3