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Yu Quan drives people stuck in the Beijing rainstorm, ruins car


While the Beijing rainstorm caused sufferings all around with at least 77 dead so far, it also brought out the best of Beijing as many car owners lined up at train stations and airports to drive those stuck their back to their homes for free.

During the rainstorm,  Yu Quan member Hu Haiquan put out several weibo’s urging people to go out and help others in addition to notifying people the location of fellow member Chen Yufan, who was driving home but willing to drop anyone off in case anyone needed a ride.Today on weibo, a friend revealed that while he only posted info about Yufan,  Haiquan was also at the Beijing airport picking up people in need. In fact, he went to such flooded areas that the rain got in his exhaust system and ruined his new car that’s worth over 1 million RMB.

Best of luck to everyone in Beijing as another rainstorm comes and grievances to those who has already lost loved ones in the rainstorm.

source: cfensi
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