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Liu Xin Releases Debut EP (Under eeMedia)

2011 Super Girl Liu Xin released her debut EP/Single under eeMedia earlier this week. The singer-composer is the 7th(?) eeMedia artist to release an EP/Album in the fist half of 2012, and the first of the 2011 Super Girls to release an official EP. The former JYP artist is also venturing into film, starring both in a microfilm and in an upcoming series opposite singer-actor Fu Xinbo. Listen to the single “Two Rainbows” from her EP “I Am You’re Girlfriend”

some of Liu Xin's original composition during Super Girl blow the cut

Liu Xin “Love you as a fool”

Liu Xin "Secure this love"

Liu Xin " If One Day"

She used a lot of her original composition for  the competition, these are just a few

Source: cfensi
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