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Painted Skin: Resurrection releases promotional stills

Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun express "confusion over fate" in this poster.

As summer and the day Painted Skin II: Resurrection hits theaters (June 28th) approaches, more promotional stills of the upcoming movie were released. Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, and Chen Kun lead in six of the eight of the eight posters released, but we do get a glance at Kris Phillips, Yang Mi, and Feng Shaofeng in the other two posters. The posters take on a theme of a “three confusions” and “five robberies”, and can be found below the cut.

source: cfensi

Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun for "robbery of beauty"

Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun in a "robbery of life"

Chen Kun and Zhou Xun for a confusion of sentiment

A strangely decorated Kris Phillips for a robbery of death.

Fengmi meet in a robbery of sentiment.

Chen Kun and someone played by Zhao Wei for the theme of "confusion of the heart"

Zhou Xun has her heart stolen again, it seems.

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