SJZGloria (chikimonki) wrote in aiyatheydidnt,

Wei Chen: Solo Concert in Beijing on April 30th

Beijing - Vision Wei Chen will be holding a solo concert "My Way" in the Beijing Gymnasium on April 30th. "My Way" will be Wei Chen's first solo concert in 4 years. In order to make the highly anticipated night as memorable as possible for Le Chen, Wei Chen's been hard at work practicing piano and personally preparing the outfits. It's not clear who will be making a guest appearance (maybe MBLAQ lol), though rumor says Harlem Yu. Wei Chen will be the third eeMedia artist to hold a solo concert this year (after Chris Li Yuchun "Why Me" and Jason Zhang Jie "This is Love").

Source: 网易娱乐
Tags: singer: wei chen
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