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Stills from Scar of Heaven released

Liu Shishi and Tang Yan reunite in another Tangren drama. Both of their men have been taken by newcomer Gulnazar.

Upcoming Tangren drama Sword of the Yellow Emperor: Scar of Heaven 轩辕剑-天之痕 promises to feature another descendant of Nv Wa, this time played by Gulnazar. Scar of Heaven takes place in the hectic Sui-Tang era, where the last prince (played by Jiang Junfu) of the extinguished Chen, Chen Jingchou, vows to restore his kingdom. He’s rivaled by Hu Ge‘s Yuwen Tuo, last prince of the extinguished Northern Zhou, and joined by a princess of the Tuoba* clan. Tangren’s leading lady Liu Shishi takes on the role of the said princess, Tuoba Yu’er. Lin Gengxin becomes Liu Shishi’s brother-in-law again, this time as the husband of Tuoba Yue’er, Tuoba Yu’er’s older sister. Tang Yan enters the drama as an agent sent from the demon realm. Can you believe that the pretty Ma Tianyu will be playing Li Shimin, one of the greatest emperors of the Tang? Look for stills below the cut.

*The Tuoba clan was the ruling family of the Northern Wei Dynasty, which formally ended when Yuwen Hu desposed of the last Tuoba emperor.

source: cfensi

Tags: actor: hu ge, actress: liu shishi, actress: tang yan, china, tv/drama
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