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China finally stops being awful

China ends repatriation of North Korean refugees

By Bose Chan

China has officially announced that it's ending its time-honored practice diplomatic practice of sending North Korean refugees back to the DPRK to face possible execution, with official Chinese government sources saying refugees being sent back is effectively"the end of their lives".

The move comes amidst shifting realities in the relationship between the two socialist states who share a deep and complex history. China's rising economic and military power makes her the most watched country on the global scene, and many have expectations of China taking on agreater role in international leadershipand more significantly, a change in attitude towards political transparency and human rights issues.

Could the new policy change have come about as a result of being left out of the loop regarding the rather roguish recent rocket launch? Human rights activists can celebrate the fact that poor communication between China and North Korea has led to the end of refugee repatriation, which is an indication of the greater strain between China and the DPRK.

The National Post quotes an anonymous source who claim the two states, like, totally aren't BFF's anymore:

“Our relationship with North Korea is no longer ‘If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold’,” a second source with leadership ties said, quoting a Chinese idiom. “Nowadays, the teeth keep biting the lips, and it’s hurting.”

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