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"Let's Shake It Up" Semi-Final: Battle of the Boybands

After qualifying into "Let's Shake It Up" semi-final with the highest score during their respective episodes, the boys of M.I.C and HIT5 met for the first time in the rehearsal room. While the rest of the members of M.I.C left to explore the beautiful city of Shanghai, M.I.C's Jianci was left alone in the rehearsal room to watch HIT5 rehearse. Baby Jianci couldn't help but feel a little intimidated and jealous when watching HIT5's unified front, and didn't hesitate to complain when his group member returned. Watch the cute encounter and dance battle that followed here:

After the battle M.I.C said they'll save their energy for Lollipop F. Catch the semi-final April 22nd.
Tags: group: hit-5, group: lollipop f, group: m.i.c
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