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Cyndi Wang stars in Jing Chang's newest mv "Love's Options"

Cyndi Wang stars in Jing Chang's newest mv "Love's Options"

Jing Chang, a.k.a Zhang Yun Jing, will soon release her 2nd album [The Opposite Me] on July 9th. Besides garnering impressive pre-order sales, her warm-up single “Broken” has also topped the KKBOX Mandopop Music Charts. Last weekend at Jing’s Taipei signing event, her fans even presented her with 1 million TWD that they will use to buy 2631 copies of her new album!

Jing’s colleague under Gold Typhoon, Cyndi Wang, has also specially taken the lead female role in Jing’s latest MV “Love’s Options 愛情選項”. The two began filming from 4 a.m. to midnight the next day. Cyndi joked: “This has been the hardest guest-starring I’ve ever done!”

Jing then expressed: “I really want to thank Cyndi for overcoming all these difficulties. To have her in the MV, I’m feeling better about it already!”

“Love’s Options 愛情選項” will be Jing’s 2nd promoting single for her new album. This song was also written by Ah Di Zai, who just won the Golden Melody Award for Best Producer. Jing said that she personally really likes this song: “It’s because this song completely expresses the kind of conflicted feelings I have towards relationships. When you’re faced with choices regarding love, it’s definitely painful. But I’m actually enjoying that kind of ‘direct conflict’. But in the end, I’ll still choose to let go!”

In this new MV, Jing and Cyndi do not have many scenes together. However outside of filming, the two had many fun interactions. They chatted about music to movies to consumer electronics. Jing even showed off the new games and software from her phone. She didn’t think that Cyndi would be the one to take over the phone. Jing commented: “It seems that Cyndi knows more about consumer electronics than I do. She even told me where I could download new versions. It sort of feels like I’ve been beaten…”

When talking about their good relationship together, Cyndi said that she had already noticed Jing during the first season of Super Idol: “I felt that she sung really well and that she had a lot of potential!”

When the two became colleagues, they often had the same schedules – meeting often at various events and awards ceremonies. Jing said: “We usually exchange text messages. Add to that, both Cyndi and I are Virgos so it feels that a lot of our ideas and perspectives are similar!”

In this “Love’s Options 愛情選項” MV, Cyndi’s character decides to move homes after her boyfriend suddenly passes away. However, she is unable to forget her past love and returns to her old home in search of any memories. Jing is the new resident of Cyndi’s old apartment and so the two continuously pass by each other. On the other hand, Jing is slightly aware of the past memories held in this apartment. Out of the blue, while Jing is at a café, she draws a sketch of the unfamiliar, yet familiar girl.

The day before filming, Jing requested a picture of Cyndi from staff. During her free time in between her schedule, she tried to familiarize herself with Cyndi’s face profile. Then after 2 hours of drawing, she was able to produce a sketch of Cyndi.

Jing didn’t think that on the day of filming, Cyndi was unable to recognize the sketch. Cyndi asked: “Who is she? Is she a foreigner?” Jing kept on shaking her head: “Why do I keep on getting beaten today?”

As for the actual filming, Cyndi forced a smile: “When I knew YunJing was going to film a MV, I immediately canceled my other work to come help. But then I got the script and discovered that every shot has me in it. This really is the hardest guest-starring I’ve even done!”

Jing replied: “I owe you one, Cyndi. But good thing we have you. A music video always needs a beautiful girl!”

Source: yahoo, epoch times
Trans: minchong92 @ af
Video: yt
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