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Taiwan's 21st Golden Melody Awards Winners

The 21st Golden Melody Awards took place under heavy rain earlier today. Stars walked down the so-called “Longest red carpet in the history of GMA’s” to greet fans before making their way into the Taipei Arena. And from the looks of it, their dry cleaners will have a very busy day tomorrow!

Here are the Winners!

Best Mandarin Album: Amit (阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯, by A-Mei Chang)
Best Mandarin Male Singer: David Tao (陶喆)
Best Mandarin Female Singer: A-Mei Chang (張惠妹)
Best Taiwanese Male Singer: Ricky Hsiao (蕭煌奇)
Best Taiwanese Female Singer: Zeng Xin Mei (曾心梅)
Best Band: 1976
Best Singing Group: Da-Xi-Men (大囍門)
Best Newcomer: Lala Xu (徐佳瑩)

Pop Music Category:

Song of the Year: A-mei Chang "Amit"
Best Mandarin Album: A-mei Chang "Amit"
Best Taiwanese Album: "Da Yuan Yi Jia Nong Chu Lai"
Best Hak-ka Album: Tzeng Ya Chun "Yachun Asta Tzeng"
Best Aboriginal Taiwanese Album: "Ba Bu Chuan Shuo" Bunun Aboriginals
Best Music Video: Will Lin, Chen Ying Zhi/ "Daylight" by Sodagreen
Best Composer: Chen Xiao Xia "Singing in the Tree"
Best Lyricist: Lin Xi/Kai Men Jian Shan "Amit"
Best Musical Arranger: Martin Teng/Hao Dan Ni Jiu Lai "Amit"
Bets Album Producer: Ah Di Zai "Amit"
Best Single Producer: Mavis Fan "Owner"
Best Male Mandarin Singer: David Tao
Best Male Taiwanese Singer: Xiao Huang Qi "People Who Love to Dream"
Best Female Mandarin Singer: A-mei Chang
Best Female Taiwanese Singer: Zeng Xin Mei "Go-Between"
Best Hak-ka Singer: Emily Guan "Tou Bai De Ni"
Best Aboriginal Singer: Chalaw and Passiwali "Lao Lao Che" 
Best Group Award: 1976
Best Performing Group: Da Xi Men
Best Newcomer: Lala Xu

Performance Category:

Best Album: Paper Eagle/ Sizhukong Jazztet
Best Album Producer: Peng Yu Wen/ Paper Eagle
Best Composer: Li Yan Yun/Da Tao Cheng "Story Island"
Judges Award: Li Zong Cheng, Luo Da You, Zhou Hua Jian, Zhang Zheng Yue/ Zong Guan Xian SUPER BAND Bei Shang Lie Che
Special Contributions Award: Mr. Hong Yi Feng

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