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Jing Chang reveals her shoulders again to become "Black and White" versions of self

Jing Chang reveals her shoulders again to become "Black and White" versions of self

Jing Chang will soon release her 2nd album [The Opposite Me/相反的我]. This time for her newest MV, she became the “Black and White Jing” in order to show 2 sides to herself. Jing was quite satisfied with her image. She said: “Goodness, I actually look good. It feels like I’ve become one of the characters from a video game.”

For her first single, Jing revealed her shoulders once more. Before filming, she also made safety preparations. Jing commented: “I’m a bit worried so I prepared 3 protective layers. But the camera actually won’t film that part in that angle.”

The first single “The Opposite Me” from Jing’s 2nd album is actually a song composed by Jing. Although she has written many songs before, this is the first song that she will officially release.

Jing laughed: “When I see my compositions being approved and even being used for the main promotion, I’m more excited than anyone else.”

Not only did Jing “divide” herself into a “Black and White Jing”, her album also includes two different posters of King Arthur and Robin Hood. As to why she chose these two images, Jing revealed that the two characters represent her personality behind the scenes. She said: “When I see unfair things happen, I’ll be compelled to act. No matter what, I’ll want to speak up to those supposedly in charge.”

Edit: More pictures/Bigger! Woo.:

Trans by minchong92

Er the white hair looks awkward imo. Never mind girl looks awesome!
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