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SMAP Cancels Event At Shanghai World Expo

J-Pop group SMAP originally planned to hold their first oversea concert at Shanghai Expo Cultural Center on June 13. But yesterday afternoon, Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau announced on its official website that the event has been canceled due to safety concern. It's said in order to avoid the the same thing happening at the "Korean Classical and Pop Concert," where more than 2,000 visitors stormed the South Korean pavilion and more than 100 people were injured, so the organization decided to cancel this event. SMAP expressed through their management company that they feel sorry and it's a pity.

Yesterday morning, Japanese media were already reporting the expo is considering canceling SMAP's concert. They said at the opening ceremony on May 1, it was a mess when visitors were fighting for their admission tickets to the Chinese pavilion. Plus on May 30, it was a stampede when thousands of fans came to watch Super Junior, BoA and Ahn Chil Hyun etc's free performance in "Korean Classical and Pop Concert." After the incident, many Japanese netizens already predicted that SMAP might cancel their upcoming performance due to safety issue. Considering SMAP's popularity and it's also a free show, the organization is worried the same chaos might happen again.

Once the reports were out, fans who planned to go to Shanghai to enjoy SMAP's performance were shocked and confused. It was until yesterday that the bureau announced on the official website that"with the rapid increase of visitors, it has decided to cancel the concert due to safety concern. Officials hope fans will understand the decision."

SMAP's performance in Shanghai Expo is supposed to be their first oversea concert since their formation in 1988. Besides the fans, SMAP's 5 members including Kimura Takuya are very excited about it. After the cancelation of the show was announced yesterday, SMAP disclosed their through management company: "Now, once we think about fans' feelings of waiting to meet us, we feel it's a pity, but we believe there must be another chance that we can meet fans in China who have been waiting for us."

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