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Crossdressing Super Boy Liu Zhu shots to fame

As videos surfaced of crossdressing Super Boy (Chinese Idol for males) auditioner Liu Zhu, he is shot to popularity with his beauty, talent and composure. His baidu searches rose to first place with 1300% increase, and videos of his audition were flooded with comments of support.

Liu Zhu is a currently student at the Sichuan Music Conservatory, and sung a self-composition and a cover of Faye Wong/Li Jian's Legend for his audition.

His pretty looks and feminine voice, however, brought on the questioning of judge Anni Meigui (who is not a regular judge for Super Boys, thankfully), who repeatedly asking Liu Zhu to confirm his identity, including suggesting for a "gender test" and asking his address so that netizens can look for him. Thankfully, awesome judge Ding Wei was more calm and insisted that their job was not to question his gender identity, but to judge his vocal abilities.

Liu Zhu, too, kept composed the entire time, answering questions as they came without a complaint. Ironically, netizens are instead digging up stuff about Aini Meigui, who was mostly criticized while Liu Zhu was loved.

At the end of the round, in an interview, Liu Zhu continued his poise, saying that he understood the judges since it is normal to be confused.

Interviewer: Since you're a boy, why didn't you dress like a boy to compete?
Liu Zhu: I've always been like this. This way, it's more natural. I think if I dressed like a boy for this competition, I think it'll be fake.

Interviewer: But you're a boy, do you dress like girls normally?
Liu Zhu: I don't know how I should answer. I dress like this normally, and I am a boy. I think everyone has their own choices and style of living. Further, I think I fit the girl image more. If I had dressed the way you did, I would look even stranger.

Interviewer (segment not in clip): Don't be mad, but don't you think dressing like this to compete in Super Boys clashes with the Super Boys' image?
Liu Zhu: What is Super Boys' image? Sunny, bright and youthful, right? How am I not sunny and bright? How am I not youthful?
Interviwer: it's not like that.
Liu Zhu: That's right.
Interviwer: It's not the image is different, but boys have boy images. Do you think this is a boy's image?
Liu Zhu: I didn't say this is a boy's image, I just think I'm more natural like this. You guys didn't tell me what to wear. You only said sunny, bright and happy. I'm very sunny and bright, I'm very youthful, I love life, thank you.
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