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Consolidated News: Love in a Puff and Like a Dream Premieres

Consolidating two articles again because the articles are kind of related. Both premiered at the HKIFF and both events were attended by Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue :D And it's kind of lulzy and adorable what went down. Interactions are dorky, which is love! <3 :3 Also, bonus Stephen Fung, Daniel's mom and sister! :)

Also, I've begun to see why Miriam got together with this Gary "Real" Ting dude. He's kind of self-deprecating and lulzy, like her. I really like him now. Hahahahaa. And like I said about Takeshi Kaneshiro, Daniel Wu should make babies. The beauty, it must be spread. Especially with Lisa S. who is more gorgeous in person than I ever expected.

[2010.03.23] Daniel Wu is ready for Fatherhood (Like A Dream Premiere) 

The Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) starred and produced film LIKE A DREAM (YU MUNG) was selected to be one of this year's 34th Annual Hong Kong International Film Festival opening films. Two nights ago actors Ng Yin Cho, Anke Bui On Kei and 24 Herbs attended. Guests included Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Shi Nansun, Peter Lam Kin Ngok and Yonfan. Female lead Yolanda Yuan Quan could not attend due to her pregnancy. Ng Yin Cho received support from his mother and sister.

Ng Yin Cho pointed out that his girlfriend Lisa S. originally wanted to come but because she had to host the Asian Film Awards rehearsal she could not attend. He said her mother made the trip from the U.S. and rarely attended such an event in the past. Did his mother give him any review? He said, "Mommy normally says everything is good. She loves me too much and is not too honest. Instead my girlfriend is a little more honest." Ng Yin Cho expressed that his mother has not urged him to wed, but of course she would like him to. He said, "If I get married I will have kids. I will take a year off to be with my wife." Why would he not try to become a father while he was young? He said, "My sister didn't have hers until 43." As for generation gap, he claimed that his mother had him when she was 45. They had great communication. He said, "I am not in a hurry, later is fine too. Maybe I would suddenly have a kid, a pleasant surprise." Was Ng Yin Cho worried that the surprise would ruin his career plan? He honestly said that now it is very flexible, but he would stop working when they would have a child and prepare with the nine month pregnancy. He said that he could be a father anytime next year.


Stephen Fung Tak Lun honestly said that he sent a text message to rumored girlfriend Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen) on her birthday. Tsui Yuek Suen praised him as a good boyfriend and would accept his advances. Fung Tak Lun asked, "Really?" When asked would he do anything about it, he awkwardly said that he could send a text message. Reporters mentioned to Chin Wa Ng Yin Cho's parenthood plans. Chin Wa honestly said that she would like to but with her wedding and concert at the end of the year, how could she sing with a big belly? "The sacrifice is enormous on the girl's strength, he (Ng Yin Cho) can be a little freer. The most important for
a man is to have quality genes." Chin Wa expressed that parenthood will have to wait until next year. If she was pregnancy, she believed her boss' eyes would pop from the fright. However the company did not say she could not have children.

[2010.03.26] Shawn Yue offers property for girlfriend (Love in a Puff Premiere)

The film LOVE IN A PUFF (CHI MING AND CHUN GIU) two nights ago held its premiere. Director Pang Ho Cheung and leads Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Shawn Yue Man Lok attended. Other guests included Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Shum Ka Wai, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Chapman To Man Jat, Nikki Chow Lai Kei, Jan Lamb Hoi Fung and Sharon Luk Sze Wan.

At the premiere, Ah Lok and his buddies like To Man Jat, Ng Yin Cho excitedly took photos of themselves with their phones. Later they even dragged Chin Wa to sit down like a matriarch and pose with them.


Aaron Kwok Fu Sing recently was accused of buying a home for Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam). Ah Lok opened his jacket, looked at his chest and joked he did not know. Would he hide a girl at home? He joked, "Hiding Ma." He honestly said that lately even his mother felt he was dry like dried plum. Would he hide a girlfriend overseas? He said that he did not have any in the Mainland or overseas. Even director Andrew Lau Wai Keung joked that he should pursue the Thai princess, he might have a chance to be the consort and in the future can get a few pieces of land for everyone to shoot movies on. Has he bought properties for his girlfriend? He honestly said that he has never done so but in the future he definitely will. He joked, "As soon as they come over I will give it to them, property for girlfriend. Yet I haven't said what property, it may be Barbie doll house or public housing." He honestly said that he saw Chin Wa's sweet look sometimes he was filled with rage.

Chin Wa said that she has always been very sweet, she did not know how dry Ah Lok is. Will she introduce girls to Ah Lok? She said that with his conditions a open marriage bid should work very soon. She has played matchmaker for her friends, but she had more male friends. Will she introduce girls to Ronald Cheng Chung Kei? Chin Wa immediately said, "It's so sensitive that I am not answering, I am scared. My sensitive skin is itching." As for Cheng Chung Kei being a jerk, Chin Wa expressed that she would not respond. Chin Wa pointed out that as an outsider she should not criticize and comment on other people's personal lives. Thus she would not comment. If others talk about her she would be unhappy. She also said that her husband Gary Ting Chi Ko would watch her performance with friends. With this film's category III rating, her fans might not be able to see it. She said, "I am very touched, I am 30 somethings, if I still have fans under the age of 18 I am truly very touched, that means I still look very cute."

Ting Chi Ko expressed that he has already booked a show for friends. When asked how many times would he buy tickets in support, he said, "Watching it once is enough. Although I know it's acting, watching her having feelings for another man is very strange." He also joked that when he saw Chin Wa's intimate scenes he watched them like horror films. After marriage he and Chin Wa did not set how daring or bottom line her acting would be.

Credit: HKTopTen @ Blogspot Article 1, Article 2
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