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Taiwan pop at Cannes music fair!

Taipei, Jan. 26 (CNA) Taiwan is considering setting up a theme pavilion at MIDEM, the world's largest music industry trade fair that is held annually in Cannes, France, an official said Tuesday.

Taiwan's representative to France Michel Lu told the CNA by phone that Taiwan's presence at the fair is an important aspect of cultural exchanges between Taiwan and France.

"We should encourage Taiwanese artists to go abroad and display Taiwan's multi-dimensional culture, " Lu said.

Three groups from Taiwan -- the Panai-led aboriginal band Message, a band led by award-winning singer and composer Crowd Lu, and 100% rock band led by Mavis Fan-- performed at the event Monday night, which was designated as "Taiwan Night." Describing the groups as marvelous, Lu said that when they performed at the fair for the first time on Jan. 22, the venue was packed to capacity with an audience of about 300. He said the Taiwan Government Information Office (GIO) , which organized the show, may have to find a bigger venue next year.

Speaking at a press conference hosted by GIO Vice Minister George Hsu in Cannes Monday, Lu said although the Taiwan booth is smaller this year, it has attracted enthusiastic visitors.

Most Taiwanese music commentators and business representatives at the fair have expressed support for the idea of Taiwan's music industry setting up a theme pavilion at MIDEM, according to Hsu.

Based on this support, Hsu said, he will meet MIDEM Director Dominique Leguern Tuesday Paris time to determine what the requirements are for a country to obtain a theme role at MIDEM.

MIDEM is an acronym for "March'e International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale" which has been held annually at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes since 1967. It is touted as a hub for music business, connections and knowledge worldwide.

The event this year is being held Jan. 24-27.

Source: CNA English

Yay, more love for C-Pop internationally!
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