August 28th, 2017


Chen Kun in the Rise of Phoenixes

Wow when was the last time Chen Kun was in a drama?  This sounds pretty epic though.

The Rise of Phoenixes (Chinese: 凰权·弈天下) is an upcoming television series based on the novel Huang Quan by Tianxia Guiyuan. It stars Chen Kun and Ni Ni

Ning Yi (Chen Kun) is the calculating and ambitious sixth prince of the ruling kingdom, yet has learnt to hide his true personality behind a carefree facade after his beloved older brother died at the hands of the corrupt and duplicitous court officials. Over the next decade, he establishes a secret information network led by Qingming Academy's head tutor Xin Ziyan, and waits for the perfect chance to strike down his enemies and overturn the charges laid against his brother.

Feng Zhiwei (Ni Ni) is the illegitimate daughter of the Qiu clan, and is banished from her household after being falsely accused of a crime. In order to survive, she cross-dresses herself as a man and joins the prestigious Qingming Academy. She meets Ning Yi, and although they begin as political opponents, the two later became great friends and eventual lovers. they Dedicating her life to serving the country, Zhiwei becomes a successful general and politician at a young age, stunning the world with her talent and knowledge.

She remains loyal and honest to the reigning Emperor during the princes’ fight for the throne, yet soon finds out she is the only surviving royalty of a fallen kingdom. Manipulated into thinking that the current kingdom was built upon the corpses of her loved ones, Zhiwei ultimately decides to take revenge against her enemies, including her lover Ning Yi. When the shocking truth behind a grand conspiracy was revealed, Zhiwei eventually learns to put aside vengeance and hatred for the greater good, and eventually earns her happiness.

Supposed to air in 2018, finished filming in April 2017.