December 28th, 2016


Best Chinese Albums of 2016

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According to YumCha

Three years into her music career, AGA finally releases her first full-length album, a commemorative release dedicated to her late sister. The best-selling Ginadoll collects the Hong Kong singer-songwriter's most soothing ballads such as "Greeting," as well as sweet love songs like Superman and "1cm." Calm and piano-driven without excessive use of effects and layering, her songs are tranquil to the ear. AGA also demonstrates how to do remakes right with "One" and its follow-up, "One Plus One" featuring labelmate Gin Lee; though they share the same melody, the former is a sad monologue of a lone girl while the latter is an encouraging conversation between two single girls.

Promoting jazz in Cantonese is a great challenge for Hong Kong singers due to the difficulty of adapting the language to the genre and its limited market. Teaming up with hit-making producer Fergus Chow, at17's Eman Lam overcomes the difficulties by incorporating pop elements into her jazzy works. Continuing the jazz pop vibe of her previous albums, People Like Us depicts different moments in life through seven songs, including the title track Cheers! about the happiness of drinking with friends, the self-reflective "I Become Me," the sensual "Incarnation" and the regretful "Sigh."

Jacky Xue may have spectacularly revived his career in the past year by being a jokester on Chinese variety programs, but he's completely serious when it comes to music. The singer-songwriter returned after a long break with his most interesting album, a moody and mature work that stays within the arena of chart-friendly pop but also goes beyond the straightforward ballads of his early albums. From the dramatic rock-infused "Beginner" to the emotional piano-driven "Gentleman" to the soulful "Actor" to the gently lulling "Child," the album's ballads reflect a diversity of styles in its sorrowful melodies, acute lyrics and atmospheric arrangements, and Xue is at his best as both a singer and a songwriter.

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