December 13th, 2016


Endy Chow's EP FENG QI

Singer-songwriter Endy Chow looks forward to a bright future in his year-end EP Feng Qi, which is an homage to anime master Miyazaki Hayao. The singer criticizes society through eight songs, including "Indigestion" based on the unreleased Freeze Illusion written by his band Zarahn in 2007, "Only Lonely," "Adults in Science" and "Love Colder Than Death."

01. Prelude
02. 愛比死更冷
03. 大人的科學
04. 消化不良
05. Dreamcatcher
06. 今生不回家
07. Children Song
08. Finale


Jiro Wang to star in upcoming web drama

Rakshasa Street 镇魂街 is a Chinese web series based on a manhua by Xu Chen 许辰 starring Jiro Wang (Meng Fei Jia Dao) and An Yue Xi (lET's Shake It).

It seems like a genre right up Jiro Wang's alley who comes from headlining the KO One franchise. I'm one of those who liked the cheesy stylistics of KO One so I'll probably love this too.

The story revolves around Rakshasa Street, a place where spirits and humans co-exist. Cao Yan Bing crosses paths with Xia Ling, a young college graduate who stumbles upon a mystical battle between good and evil.

Drama Panda

I hope his acting has improved lol