November 28th, 2016


Aaron Yan postpones plan to study in America

From DramaFever:  In June this year, Aaron Yan stunned fans by announcing that he was taking time off to study abroad. During an online chat in mid-October, he was still talking about his plan to leave for UCLA by the end of October.

November arrived and is almost over, but Aaron is still in Taiwan. What happened?

When Aaron treated his fans to a special fanmeet, on November 19, to celebrate his 31st birthday on November 20, he explained the reason.

He was presented with a new drama that he couldn't refuse.

Having been through some negative experiences, the popular actor has a requirement for any proposed new drama, that it needs to be a completed script with fully developed characters. He was assured that his requirement was the basic starting point. Apparently Aaron was impressed, and he has accepted the new project.

Aaron now plans to pursue his study in the US once he completes the new drama. So that's still good news for his American fans. We just have to be patient for a few more months.

Yang Yang for Style Week Interview

Original Chinese @ nona9on

Q : Style Week
A : Yang Yang

Q : How would you recommend 《微微一笑很倾城 (aka Love O2O on DramaFever)》to others?
A : I will say, this is the correct way to film a youthful idol drama. The whole way is full of showing love, and not angsty at all. Full of youthful and dynamic vibes in a university setting filled with good times.

Q : Full of love for the whole drama? (Are you) not worried that the fans might be angry?
A : Haha, I did tell them before, this is just a role/character, and not to bring in my actual person into it. I believe in the chemistry between me and my fans, they will also watch the drama from a viewer’s point of view.

Q : Talk a little about your character Mao Shiba from 《从你的全世界路过》?
A : This is a character that I have not met in a long while, a character that is relatable to the audience. He is an IT guy, normally dishevelled, slobbish and obsessed with electronic products, and stays for free at his cousin’s house. He put his inspirations at the tip of his mouth but does not accomplish anything. He is very quiet but romantic and used his own methods to do many things for the girl that he likes… This character is very real, and is relatable to many people in real life.

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trans credit : ©hugeboymino on twitter || nona9on on tumblr