November 16th, 2016


VW releasing new album

Vanness Wu launches a new dance music trend with the album #MWHYB, which blends LA-style dance music, rock, electronic music and Motown. The major plug Boogie is an 80s and 90s blues-rhythm dance jam choreographed by award-winning American choreographer Brian Puspos.

Expected release date: December 9


Who else is questioning the heck out of that cover?

Trailer for SwordMaster

New Chinese film releasing on December 2nd.

From Wiki: Sword Master (Chinese: 三少爺的劍) is an upcoming Chinese 3D martial arts film directed by Derek Yee.[1] The film is scheduled for release in 2 December 2016.[2] The film was chosen to appear in the 11th Rome Film Festival

Lin Gengxin
Peter Ho as Yan Shisan
Jiang Yiyan
Jiang Mengjie