November 10th, 2016


China Bans Filmmakers Who "Hurt National Dignity"

Ban for those who "harm the Chinese people's feelings"

A new law passed by the National People's Congress Standing Committee on Monday will prohibit the production of domestic films by any persons or companies who express a critical opinion toward the country.

According to the law, Chinese citizens or companies are prohibited from co-producing films with overseas organizations or individuals engaged in activities that damage China's national dignity, honor and interests, sabotage the social stability, and harm the Chinese people’s feelings.

Any person involved in the preceding activities will be banned from film production in China.

Chinese films are already subject to a number of regulations that prohibits the depiction of smoking and time travel, while state television and internet videos are banned from depicting "uncommon sexual relationships and sexual behaviors" such as gay dating.

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Faith Yang to release a new album

Taiwan rock diva Faith Yang returns to the spotlight with the heart-wrenching album Centrifugal Force. Led by electro-rock band Radio Mars, the producer of Eason Chan and Mavis Fan's albums, the album's star production crew includes award-winning composer George Chen, hitmaker Zheng Nan who has written songs for A-Mei Chang and S.H.E's Hebe, Sodagreen's guitarist and producer Hsu Chian Hsiu, LaLa Hsu's "Missing Person" composer Europa Huang, and renowned lyricists David Ke, Chow Yiu Fai, Lan Xiaoxie and Xiaohan. Inspired by the "Roche limit," an astronomical concept about the distance within which celestial bodies are held by gravity, the title number "Centrifugal Force" captures the loneliness in a relationship. The album also features the EDM jam "Hands Made of Chalk" and "Ill-mannered" by George Chen.