October 31st, 2016


Writer-turned-director Han Han announces cast of second film

One of China's most successful and influential authors, Han Han made his directorial debut in 2014 with the critically and commercially well-received road film The Continent. The writer-turned-filmmaker is now working on his sophomore effort Cheng Feng Po Lang ("Wind and Waves"), and has been gradually announcing the film's cast and crew over the past weeks.

The first actor to be announced was Deng Chao, whose own 2014 directorial debut The Breakup Guru featured a cameo by Han Han. Currently, other confirmed cast members include award-winning young actor Dong Zijian (Mountains May Depart), top television actress Zhao Liying (The Journey of Flower), Taiwan veteran King Shi Chieh (Brotherhood of Blades) and actor Ben Yu, whom Han met while working on the Surprise TV series and movie. Singer-songwriter Li Ronghao will also make his acting debut in the film.

Earlier this year in April, Han Han had announced his intention to release two films in 2017 and 2018: Tian Kong Zhi Zao ("Made in the Sky") and an adaptation of Triple Door, his 2000 debut novel that launched him to literary fame. However, he then decided to shoot Cheng Feng Po Lang first. Plot details for Cheng Feng Po Lang have not yet been revealed, but it reportedly revolves around a small-town youth who discovers an interesting side of his father that he had never known before.