October 18th, 2016


Who's watching/watched Mystic Nine?

A prequel to "The Lost Tomb" that follows the leaders of the nine grave-robbing families and their adventures to save the people of Changsha from a potential deadly threat.  Starring William Chan, Zhang Yi Xing, William Chan's eyebrows and some guy I'm constantly referring to as Harry Potter in my head.

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for this Lost Tomb crap and now that most of the shows I was watching have ended, I'm attacking this one, so anyone else watching it?  I'm only on episode 9, so if anyone's finished it or is further ahead, put spoilers under a cut plz.

Feel free to share thoughts, places to watch, etc in the comments

Masked Singer ep 4+5 - Who is Ms. Twinkle Diamond?

Singing Beyond- Cold Rainy Night

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Source: Mask Singer Guess Guess! YT official channel
compiling this was so stressful, i was thinking of maybe including a list of who the previous singers but my chinese sucks so check this out if you're curious wiki (I hope this is okay)