October 14th, 2016


Birthdays for October 9th - 15th


Hong Kong singer Stephanie Cheng turning 32 on October 10th

Taiwan singer Mao Di turning 26 on October 10th

Taiwan actor Wu Chun turning 37 on October 10th

Hong Kong actor Jincheng Wu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) turning 43 on October 11th

Mainland singer Jane Zhang turning 32 on October 11th

Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau turning 42 on October 13th

Taiwan actor, singer and racecar driver Roy Chiu turning 35 on October 14th

Hong Kong singer and actress Stephy Tang turning 32 on October 15th

Mainland singer and actor Kimi Qiao would have turned 29 on October 15th RIP :(

Mainland actress Hai Lu turning 29 on October 15th