September 30th, 2016

金城武//The unknown

Donnie Yen to fight Andy Lau and Philip Ng in 'Chasing the Dragon'

Despite earlier reports claiming that Donnie Yen will not have any fight scenes in his new film 'Chasing the Dragon', Yen has told the Hong Kong media today that he will be fighting with both Andy Lau and Philip Ng ('Birth of the Dragon') in the film.

Yen has been learning to speak the Teochew dialect in order to play the character of crime lord Ng Sek Ho (nicknamed 'Crippled Ho').

The film's cast also includes Kent Cheng ('Ip Man 2 & 3'), Wilfred Lau ('Once a Gangster') and Philip Keung ('Unbeatable').

'Chasing the Dragon' is currently filming in Hong Kong and has a reported production budget of RMB 200,000,000.