September 29th, 2016


Hollywood apparently turns Bruce Lee biopic into story about a white guy

Hollywood continues to be really gross towards Asian men and OP is highly disappointed because Philip Ng would make a great Bruce Lee, he kinda even looks like him.

From DynastyClothing MMA:

Bruce Lee (played by rising Hong Kong Kung Fu star Philip Ng), the legendary martial arts icon who changed the world, is depicted as a one-dimensional, asexual, awkward loser who is jealous of the white guy in his own biographical film.

The white guy – Steve McKee – is supposed to be the main character of the film and central to the story… um, yeah right. We don’t know who that is, and neither do we know who the actor who plays him is (Billy Magnussen… who?), but you know what, he’s white, so that must make him extremely important and vital to the story in Bruce Lee’s life, right?!

From our understanding, Birth of the Dragon is supposed to be a film about Bruce Lee’s earlier years in America and his fight with Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man – who changed him forever and set him along the path of inventing Jeet Kune Do and the philosophies behind MMA… or is it just another clichéd White Savior Trope film where a “down on his luck loser” learns Kung Fu and saves the world (including the Asian girl)?

More stuff at the source linked above, including IMDB user reviews and a list of all the films were Hollywood treats Asians and especially Asian men as asexual losers or villains and Asian women as props.

Nast. =/

NYT interview with Han Han

In an interview, Han Han discussed his writings, the turns his life has taken and what people in the West fail to understand about China.

The theme of your book seems to be you making trouble. You’re still being called a rebellious troublemaker. How do you feel about that?

I don’t think I am or was rebellious. I don’t disagree for the sake of disagreeing, as the word “rebellious” suggests. I do whatever I think is right, whatever I like and want to do. If others see me differently from the way I see myself, there’s nothing I can do about it. Media always wants to stick a label on people to make it easier for readers to remember.

You don’t write on your blog so often now. Why is that?

Because I’ve already written many of the pieces I needed to write and said many of the things I needed to say. I’m a person who does more than talk. Thanks to the internet, people tend to speak and comment more. There are fewer and fewer people who actually do things. I devote time to professional motor-racing because you can’t achieve anything in this sport just by talking. It’s the same with making movies. I’m trying to realize my childhood dreams one by one.

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Kimberley - 管你的擁抱 fyf MV (care about your embrace)

[her response to rude comment]
I dont think when being in love with someone, gender should be the main focus. Love doesn't see gender, religion, wealth or anything else surface wise. Being in love, is something way deeper than that, you love someone because of how they make you feel, who they are inside, not their body vessel of appearance which happens to contain their soul. Hope that answers your question :) "

source: YT