June 7th, 2016


Yoga Lin is back

After completing his military service in 2015, Yoga Lin takes up a new challenge and becomes the producer of his long-awaited album Sell Like Hot Cakes. Collaborating with myriad famous musicians including Japanese band Tokyo Jihen's guitarist Ukigumo, Wyman Wong, Albert Leung, Eric Kwok, Sandee Chan, Taiwan band Sodagreen's Wu Qing Feng, guitarist JerryC, composer Venk Yang and Eason Chan, the singer-songwriter hopes to provide different kinds of spiritual support to listeners through his music. Written by Albert Leung, the title number "Unshakeable Rascals" is a rock jam featuring JerryC. Songs from this album will be unveiled for the first time in the singer-songwriter's The Great Yoga Concert in Kaohsiung on June 11, 2016.


Tokyo Jihennnnnnnn~~~