May 7th, 2016


weekly birthdays


Hong Kong director John Woo turning 60 on May 1st

Taiwanese singer and former Nan Quan Mama member Lara Liang turning 28 on May 2nd

Taiwanese singer A-Yue turning 42 on May 2nd

Malay singer Ziana Zain turning 48 on May 2nd

Chinese singer and actor Huang Zi Tao turning 23 on May 2nd

Hong Kong singer and actress Susanna Kwan turning 58 on May 3rd

Chinese actor Li Yi Feng turning 29 on May 4th

Taiwanese actor Kingone Wang turning 36 on May 5th

Taiwanese singer and Super 131 member Sun turning 29 on May 5th

➤ If there are any other birthdays between May 1st and May 7th, let us know in the comments.

China's Top 10 for the week of May 14, according to Billboard China V Chart

Billboard's China V Chart ranking comes from the most-played videos on YYT. So maybe not the greatest way to pick the top songs of the week, but I thought it would be fun/interesting to see what (some) people are listening to.
*The Billboard China V Chart is actually a top 30, but it made the post too big.

2Last Week: --

The Road


3Last Week: 3



4Last Week: --

There Is No Place Where We Can't Reach

Vision Wei

5Last Week: --

Forget To Remember

Qi Wei

7Last Week: 13

I Wish I Could End It All

Tang Wei

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Any new favorites, aiya? Is there something you want to go away forever? Are there any better charts out there that you would like to be used?