March 12th, 2016


weekly birthdays


Malaysian director Edmond Yeo turning 32 on March 6th

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai turning 33 on March 6th

Chinese actor Li Jiahang turning 29 on March 8th

Chinese actress Liu Shishi turning 29 on March 10th

Chinese actress and singer Li Yuchun turning 32 on March 10th

Thai singer and C-QUINT member Yoshi turning 29 on March 10th

Taiwanese guitarist and F.I.R member Real Qing turning 36 on March 11th

Singaporean singer A-Du turning 43 on March 11th

Chinese actress Zhao Wei turning 40 on March 12th

➤ If there are any other birthdays between March 6th and March 12th, let us know in the comments.