December 12th, 2015


weekly birthdays

Gonna start posting these on Saturday...lulz.


Hong Kong singer Hacken Lee turning 48 on December 6th

Chinese actress Tang Yan turning 32 on December 6th

Taiwan singer and Mayday member Ashin turning 40 on December 6th

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau turning 50 on December 8th

Hong Kong singer and actor Raymond Lam turning 36 on December 8th

Chinese actress Chen Hao turning 36 on December 9th

Hong Kong singer and actor Leon Lai turning 49 on December 11th

Taiwan musician and Mayday guitarist Stone turning 39 on December 11th

➤ If there are any other birthdays between December 6th and December 12th, let us know in the comments.

Got your Christmas shopping done yet Aiya?