October 16th, 2015


Talk Show Here Comes KangXi (康熙來了) is ending??

Kevin Tsai, the host, posted this on his Facebook earlier today:
I want to say goodbye to my KangXi friends.

I first told Dee Hsu, the resigned with our boss Wang Wei-Chong. I said I wanted a change.

The show has lasted twelve years. I appreciate the hardwork of our employees, I hope you thought it was worth it.

I will always remember our journey in my heart.

These twelve years of tears and laughter, coming and going, and accompaniment were daily. (??)

Goodbye to my time at KangXi.

source: fb

oh booo :((
Dee hsu has said she wouldn't host the show without Kevin.

weekly birthdays


Hong Kong actor Jincheng Wu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) turning 42 on October 11th

Mainland singer Jane Zhang turning 31 on October 11th

Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau turning 41 on October 13th

Taiwan actor, singer and racecar driver Roy Chiu turning 34 on October 14th

Hong Kong singer and actress Stephy Tang turning 31 on October 15th

Mainland singer and actor Kimi Qiao turning 28 on October 15th

Mainland actress Hai Lu turning 28 on October 15th

Mainland actress Zhao Liyin turning 28 on October 16th

Hong Kong singer Vincy Chan turning 33 on October 16th

Tibetan filmaker Dhondup Wangchen (currently imprisoned by the PRC) turning 40 on October 17th

If there are any other birthdays between October 11th and October 17th, let us know in the comments.