October 7th, 2015


100 Songs of Chinese Music

I forgot to share this, Aiya!

And I just realized a couple of hours ago that I shouldn't have used "中国" since I included some artists from Singapore and Malaysia as well. Sighs... anyway-

"After reading a list of 100 songs (of some other country), which shall remain nameless, I sat down looking at my music library (scratching my head) to see if I could come up with a list of 100 songs, 100 artists, 100 albums of music that’s labeled “Chinese.” I had to dig deep, but I think this list is a good start-up guide to anything that has to do with Chinese music, which encompasses countries beyond just Mainland China and -of course- includes the Hong Kong music scene (though not always in Cantonese), Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore."

The post is video-heavy, so here's the link.

If you make it through the whole list, did I miss any worthy artist to make the landscape of Chinese music more interesting?

There's also a fairly complete YouTube playlist available for those who want to skip the list.

I... actually don't know what to tag this- mods? music, list? Or should I tag all the artists that made the list?