July 10th, 2015


weekly birthday post


Taiwanese singer and actor Xiao Yu turning 30 on July 5th

Hong Kong singer and actor Jordan Chan turning 48 on July 8th

Hong Kong singer and actress Ella Koon turning 36 on July 9th

Malaysian singer Gary Cao turning 36 on July 9th

Hong Kong composer Mark Lui turning 46 on July 9th

Hong Kong singer and actor Jacky Cheung turning 54 on July 10th

Taiwanese singer David Tao turning 46 on July 11th

Singaporean singer Kelly Poon turning 32 on July 11th

If there are any other birthdays between July 5th and July 11th, let us know in the comments.

Friday MV dump post.

Miss Ko- Let it Go MV
from youtube: "One out of every four women are killed or commit suicide as a result of domestic violence, many of whom were too afraid to seek help when they needed it. As someone who has experienced the abuse depicted in the video firsthand and survived, I wrote this song in hopes to empower those who are going through the same struggle to not give up. Take a stand - help raise awareness and stop domestic violence by sharing this video. Together we can reach more people and make a bigger difference. Thanks for watching."


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