June 19th, 2015


Fans hate Show's new GF

So Show Luo is totally getting it on with mainland celeb Grace Chow, who people apparently call "little Angelababy". Show is in Shanghai filming a variety show and while she was waiting for him, she was doodling on her cell phone and smoking, the first of her major offenses, according to netz.

Through basic spying/stalking techniques, the media observes that they initially had separate rooms, but Show went to her room and didn't emerge hohoho.

To continue with why she's so "horrible", she's nine years younger than him and fans think she has had tons of plastic surgery and loves money, though in the picture at the source, it looks more to me like she lost weight and/or baby fat, but whatever lol.

Best quote: “I still don’t understand why you would find a plastic surgery monster who loves smoking and worships money."

Second best quote: "How come we’ve followed Show for this long, only to wait for trash like this?”

Because Show totally needs your approval for who he bangs. Ok then.

H/T JayneStars

weekly birthday post


Hong Kong singer and actress Joey Yung turning 35 on June 16th

Hong Kong singer, songwriter and producer Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming turning 53 on June 16th

Taiwanese singer and SHE member Ella Chen turning 34 on June 18th

Hong Kong singer Ivana Wong turning 35 on June 18th

Taiwanese actor and singer Joe Cheng turning 33 on June 19th

Hong Kong actor Louis Fan turns 42 on June 19

Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying turning 32 on June 20th

Hong Kong singer Sherman Chung turning 31 on June 20th

If there are any other birthdays between June 14th and June 20th, let us know in the comments.
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