June 14th, 2015

金城武//Sexy specs

My Best Friend’s Wedding will be remade... in Chinese

My Best Friend’s Wedding is the perfect romantic comedy. I say this unironically, having rewatched this movie at least 13 times, and at least 10 times while yelling to everyone in the vicinity, “This is the perfect romantic comedy!” It’s equal parts hilarious and heart-smashing, managing to sell a sincere romance while also cleverly sending up rom-com tropes, seamlessly pulling off genuinely surprising story developments, and creating complex, lived-in characters who we root for even while they’re on their worst behavior. And then there’s Dermot Mulroney’s lip scar, which deserves a thinkpiece in and of itself, one that I hope to someday bestow upon this Earth.

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h/t thedissolve.com

I either never saw the original or don't remember it. Either way, anyone who has seen it, what's your opinion on the Chinese remake?