May 28th, 2015


Han Han makes his filmmaking debut with THE CONTINENT

Not content with just being a racecar driver, mobile app creator, sometime songwriter, as well as one of the bestselling authors and most influential people of his generation, Han Han branches out into filmmaking with The Continent. The road movie sees the multi-talented artist acting as screenwriter and director for the first time, and features a cast of top young stars that includes William Feng (The Golden Era), Wilson Chen (20, Once Again!), Wallace Chung (Girls), Joe Chen (The Allure of Tears), Wang Luodan (Rise Of The Legend) and Yolanda Yuan (The Golden Era). The film made over ¥629 million and was the fastest Chinese-language film to break ¥500 million at the box office during a non-holiday period.

The tiny Dongji Island is the first part of China to the see the sun every morning. It's the place where Ma Haohan (William Feng) and Jiang He (Wilson Chen) grew up. One idealistic and one pragmatic, the two are, perhaps, an unlikely pair of friends. As they prepare for a cross-country road trip on the mainland, they remain unaware of how much the journey – and the people they would meet – would change their friendship.

Source: YesAsia

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