December 5th, 2014



Part suggestion, part implementation, because "they didn't" comms are so 2010. Not to mention LJ.

But seriously, I would like to suggest this essentially be turned into a Chinese + SE Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Singapore, Malay, etc.) culture blog. BLOG being the key word. No more copypasta'ing posts from wherever, though I don't care if you do this still, but an actual submission blog where you pick a topic, make sure to share the link, and write about it however you want. It can be ranty, thoughtful, or even a little fangirly. (a little, mind you, no one wants to see sparkly giffy nonsense on their nonexistant friends lists).

You can literally post about anything related, news items, dramas, movies, music, fashion, whatever.

Regular contributors would obviously be preapproved eventually.

Any thoughts, questions, feel free to comment, but this is now a thing, so anyone still paying attention can feel free to start posting that way whenever they want.


- must share a link that is the basis of the post (integrate it, put it as "source", whatever, I don't care, just make sure it's there)
- must be (mostly) about Chinese or SE Asian subject matter
- must not be only squeees (some squees are fine, but not like, the entire post ok)
- must use cuts as necessary, nsfw, whatever, etc.

Otherwise, whatever you want to blab about goes.