September 23rd, 2014


Jolin Tsai's new song leaked

Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai planned to release her new album this November, but her new song 'Phone Star' was leaked online recently.

Despite keeping production and recording under wraps, her new image for the album as well as music video set was leaked last week. That was followed by full and high-definition soundtracks of 'Phone Star' which were available for listen and download.

The culprit who disclosed the images was found to be the assistant designer of the company appointed to film the MV and has since been fired.

Jolin, who was in New York when the news broke, was helpless and at her second leak after the first ' her new song title ' last month. But her manager and record label, Warner Music, dismissed the possibility of it being done by the same person.

As promotional activities have yet to begin, her manager was evidently frustrated and said, 'We are really angry and upset as we have been preparing for this (album) for a while and wanted to give everyone a surprise. With the infiltration of the Internet, it is easy for such incidents to happen. For future releases, we will increase protective measures to prevent similar cases from occurring.'

Currently investigating the matter, Warner Music have requested netizens to take down the song and will take legal action if need be.