September 22nd, 2014


Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan no longer in contact with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen

Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan revealed in a recent interview that he only keeps in touch with former Fahrenheit groupmate Wu Chun these days because the latter truly treats him as a buddy, and that he is “no longer friends” with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, reported Taiwanese media.

During the interview, Aaron also exposed the real reason behind Fahrenheit’s split in 2011. The 27-year-old allegedly claimed that Jiro and Wu Chun’s “fight” to be the group’s leader caused internal conflict which eventually led to the latter’s departure.

Back then, Wu Chun was touted as the most outstanding member in terms of looks and popularity, a situation which made Aaron feel sidelined. As the youngest member in the group, the Fall in Love with Me star felt neglected when his bandmates expressed their wish to shed the “idol image”.

“Did they consider my feelings? Did they think about how am I going to survive [in the industry]?” Aaron cried.

Shocked by his revelations, some fans harshly criticised the singer-actor for his comments. On Sep 22, the heartthrob addressed the controversy with a Facebook post.

He wrote: “Will you continue banging on a wall after getting hurt from knocking on it for years? All emotional ties, including family, romance, friendship or even relationships with your pets, need to be managed and maintained. If you are the only one taking initiative, it would be like banging on a wall.”

His post left die-hard Fahrenheit fans disappointed, with some slamming him for playing victim. “I wasn’t trying to point fingers. If I sounded like I was, that is your own.

Source: Xin Msn