September 20th, 2014


Jackie Chan’s son formally arrested, faces up to 3 years in jail

BEIJING: Action star Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan has been formally arrested, announced Chinese authorities on Wednesday (Sept 17).

Investigations are ongoing, reported Chinese media. Chan has been charged with providing a venue for drug use, a criminal charge which carries a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Jaycee Chan has been in police custody for over 31 days now. Taiwan actor Kai Ko, who was detained alongside Chan on Aug 14 and charged with drug consumption (a civil charge), was released at midnight on Aug 28.

Ko has reportedly decided to go back to school following his release, after holding tearful media conferences in China and Taiwan to apologise for his actions.


Stephen Chow selects six candidates for "Mermaid"

After stage after stage of casting processes, Stephen Chow has finally chosen the final six candidates for his upcoming new film "Mermaid".

According to Mingpao News, on 15 September, the last stage of the casting was held in Shenzhen, with 13 selected actresses preparing to wow the director and the casting crew with their talent.

The audition was divided into three parts. The first part entailed the actresses to show various expressions and movements according to instructions, the second part involved them wearing mermaid costumes to show off their physique, while the third part required the actresses to remove their make-up and show their natural faces.

After the auditions, Stephen presented awards to six of the candidates, Chinese actresses Yinyin, Lin Yun, Xu Zhenzhen and Sun Jialing, as well as Hong Kong's very own Kabby Hui, and Japanese star Linah Matsuoka.

The director also complimented the actresses for their performances and eagerness to show their best. He revealed that his favourite audition was the make-up removal segment, saying that some girls looked prettier without cosmetics.

However, Stephen quickly left the audition and did not hear questions about his conflict with movie producer Tiffany Chen and her husband, China Star's Charles Heung.

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