September 5th, 2014


Kai Ko likely to enlist in the army

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has remained under the constant scrutiny of the media ever since news of his Taiwan after being released from his two-week detention.

Newest reports have confirmed that the 23-year-old was summoned to provide hair and urine samples to determine if he has abused any other drugs. The star admitted to having his first taste of marijuana two years ago and has tried it on eight occasions, all of which were in the confines of bosom buddy Jaycee Chan's home.

The test results will be released by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Taipei City Police Department in a week's time. After which, Kai will be tried accordingly. He will be ordered to attend psychological and drug treatments if the test results show that he has only used marijuana and he will have to bear all costs.

If any other substances are detected, he faces a two-month stint at rehab and up to three years in jail.

His manager Angie Chai has expressed that regardless of the result, Kai is highly likely to step out of the spotlight for the time being and either return to his studies or enlist in the army.

While rumours of his two-year ban from the Chinese entertainment industry have yet to be addressed, it has been confirmed that movie Tiny Times 4, of which he plays a main role, will hit the big screen as scheduled.