July 28th, 2014

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Onimusha and His Tree Subject Of New Taiwan Meme

MINECRAFT!! And how perfect they got him!!

Takeshi Kaneshiro, who will forever be known for Onimusha, is in the headlines again in Taiwan after a typhoon blew through the island earlier this month. Interestingly enough, Kaneshiro himself wasn't making the waves, but rather a tree that he sat under in a commercial once.

Earlier this month, typhoon Rammasun blew past Taiwan. When it hit Chihshang village in Taitung Taiwan, it knocked over a certain tree. The tree in question was one of the "stars" of an Eva Airlines commercial featuring Kaneshiro.

In the commercial, Kaneshiro talks about seeing the world, seeing different things and experiencing life. He takes a moment to sit down and drink tea underneath the cover of this lone tree. Since airing in 2013, the tree has been a tourist destination in Taiwan.

Now that the tree has been knocked over, there has been efforts to re-root the thing. Netizens have taken to the cause by doing what they do best, creating memes. The memes have gotten so popular that there's even been a tumblr and a meme generator!

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Typhoon-felled Takeshi Kaneshiro tree gets star treatment; nomoretakeshikaneshirotree@tumblr