July 18th, 2014


Introducing Rock'n'Rap

You'd probably expect a group with this name to be some generic, uh, rock and rap nonsense, and the first song on their new album and their Facebook probably wouldn't convince you different.


Rock n Rap is composed of three entertainment industry veterans who've worked with stars such as Vivian Hsu, Coco Lee, Rain, Eason Chan, Will Pan, Elva Hsiao and A-Mei. These seasoned musicians are now ready to release their very own album, Under The Table! Their music straddles the line between rock and rap, and they use their sometimes crass but always amusing songs to express some biting social commentary.  - YesAsia

There are some really good songs on the album with tasty guitar licks and electro-hip-hop beats.  Check them out, I say, check them out.

Product Title: Under The Table
Singer Name(s): Rock n Rap (Singer)
Release Date: 2014-06-27
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Publisher: Warner Music Taiwan

01. 誰淫蕩
02. 這是什麼肉啊?
03. 我像大砲
04. 太空船
05. 壓力太大
07. 我要妳BABY
08. 一瓶哪夠
09. 把你的皮鞋擦黑