June 24th, 2014


Shi Shi releases "Girls"

After wowing judges with her appearances in Chinese Million Star, singer-songwriter Sun Sheng Xi (Xi Xi) is now making her debut with Girls! Having grown up in South Korea as a third-generation overseas Chinese, Xi Xi embodies both cultures in her approach to music. As a testament to her talent, prior to this debut release, Xi Xi has already fielded invitations to perform songs for dramas. Girls features "Shouldn't, Shouldn't," the Jae Chong-produced theme song to idol drama Lovestore at the Corner and "Live With You," a song featured in drama Fabulous 30, Love in the House Of Dancing Water.

Product Title: Girls
Singer Name(s): Sun Sheng Xi (Singer)
Release Date: 2014-06-20
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Publisher: Rock Records (TW)

01. 你的誰
02. Girls
03. 不該 不該【夢田文創優質戲劇-巷弄裡的那家書店片頭曲】
04. 沒有理由偽裝成理由 【我的自由年代 插曲】
05. 跟你住【三立華劇「女人30情定水舞間」插曲】
06. Yes, I Do
07. 瘋起來(feat,葛仲珊)
08. 恆溫
09. 想想你也好【新加坡旅遊局微電影「從心發現愛」插曲】
10. 是愛還是陪伴【三立華劇「女人30情定水舞間」插曲】韋禮安

Source: YesAsia

I'm liking it so far~