June 18th, 2014

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5 things we love about Chinese actress Tang Wei

Tang Wei is someone that I would love to hate. I mean, she has everything going for her.

The actress was plucked from more than 10,000 hopefuls for the lead role opposite Tony Leung in Lust, Caution - may I mention that the movie was her very first big screen part?

Besides Tang's successful thespian career - the star has won Best Actress awards in both China and South Korea - beauty brand SKII has also taken notice of her flawless skin. Along with Kate Bosworth and Cate Blanchett, the actress is a "face" of SKII.

This May, Rado announced that Tang had joined the watch brand as its new brand ambassador. Her poise and good looks combined with reputation for overcoming challenges fit the watchmaker's own values according to the brand. Apparently, this woman do no wrong.

But there's a reason why Tang is so loved by both brands and fans and ironically, it's because of her down-to-earth personality. Believe me, after you are done with these five things, you will be a Tang Wei convert too, just like me.

Determination and hard work

Tang may have the talent to command the big screen but it doesn't mean that she doesn't go the extra mile to perfect the role. In 2013's Finding Mr Right, the actress carried around a bag of rice and a ball of lead all day to immerse herself into her role as a pregnant woman.

Previously, Tang mentioned that in order to play a farmer's wife in Dragon, she put mud under her nails. I have to salute her for her sheer dedication to the craft.

Master of languages

The star has learnt Shanghainese, the Suzhou dialect, Korean, Cantonese and English for her movie roles. Mind you, Tang didn't just learn them for the production period and forget them promptly after - the actress still speaks good English to this day. This was probably also the reason why she was picked by director Michael Mann to star in the upcoming film Cyber.

Hunky co-stars

Speaking of Cyber, Tang will get to kiss the hunky Thor - Chris Hemsworth - in that particular Hollywood vehicle. But this isn't the first time the lucky actress has got to lock lips or share the screen with hot guys. Besides Tong Leung, she's acted with the delectable Hyun Bin in Late Autumn, and the evergreen hottie Takeshi Kaneshiro in Dragon.

Down to earth

As far as we know, the actress doesn't have a personal assistant. There's no entourage that follows her around and she still counts China as her favourite place. Tang claims to take public transport when she's home and eat at small eateries. Even when she gets spotted, Tang insists she will "change direction and keep on eating".

Can't walk in heels

Now, this is the main reason why Tang won my heart - sorry hunky guys. The star struggles to get around in high heels, saying that she still can't get used to walking in them. Just like one of the girls.


I'm sure 'Lust, Caution' has a good story. I did see and have it. Also, I will forever demand that she and Takeshi play lovers in a movie or something, because they have chemistry!! NOTICEABLE DURING THEY PROMOTING 'WU XIA/DRAGON'!! *ahem*

Kai Ko speaks up about breakup

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and singer Elva Hsiao's recent separation has stirred up a storm in Taiwan, and the former finally spoke up about the matter for the first time on Saturday.

Kai, 22, and Elva's May-December romance was revealed when they were caught dating at a park in 2012. Many netizens felt that their 12-year age gap could be a barrier for the couple, and true to their words, Kai announced his 'single' status through his manager last Thursday.

While Elva, 34, refused to answer any questions about their relationship, Kai commented on the issue at a charity event in Shanghai on Saturday: 'Everything ends here.'

When the reporters asked Kai how it feels to be single again, he replied with a sullen expression, '[My mood] has always been good, you guys will write your own stuff anyway.'

One hour later and before he left the event, he added, 'Readers have already seen the reports, any explanation will just seem like excuses to them now. I have lost faith in Taiwanese newspapers' credibility, [and] will not be answering personal questions at events in the future.'

Rumour has it that Kai's sour mood was because he was accused of having an affair, while he had always been very serious about his relationship with Elva when they were together.

Recently, the actor reportedly took to Facebook to vent his frustrations about his ex-girlfriend. Using the moniker 'Impulsive Ko', he posted: '[You were] unable to finish recording a sad song because 'Tremor ('Zhen Dong', a similar pronunciation to Kai's Chinese name)' cheated [on you]'¦ [It's] confirmed that 'Tremor' cheated'¦ How great! Why don't the reporters know about my breakdown while filming?'

Although his manager did not confirm that 'Impulsive Ko' is in fact Kai, he let slip that Kai only vented his frustrations on his private page because he was agitated, indirectly admitting that the account belongs to Kai.

The 22-year-old's father also stepped up to support his son's actions, stating that 'everything happens for a reason'.