June 16th, 2014


Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao having a cold war?

Taiwanese songstress Elva Hsiao is reportedly indifferent towards the rumours of actor Kai Ko two-timing her, further fuelling speculation that the couple is currently having a cold war.

Kai was recently seen openly putting his arm around the waist of a long-haired girl, later identified to be a participant on Taiwanese variety show College Talk named Tracy. Earlier in April, the two were spotted huddling together leaving a KTV late at night.

When probed on the scandal, Elva, who is in Hong Kong preparing for the imaging of her new album, simply gave a nonchalant reply: 'Oh. I don't know her.'

Although Kai claimed that Tracy is the 'girlfriend of his friend', many netizens made sarcastic comments about his explanation. 'I don't even hug my sister that tightly,' a netizen said, while another remarked: 'So you can hold onto your buddy's girl so intimately. I shall try that next time.'

Meanwhile, fans of the Kai-Elva couple flocked to Tracy's microblog to leave insulting comments. In response, the You Are the Apple of My Eye star posted an apology on Weibo, saying, 'Even though it's ridiculous, I'm sorry, Tracy. Hahahaha.'

However, the post was deleted shortly after.

Sources also revealed that as the couple is currently not talking to each other, Kai has not made any attempts to explain or apologise to Elva, who has been in low spirits ever since the scandal broke.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang has expressed support for her good friend while speaking to the media yesterday. 'I am not the person involved, so I can't answer on [Elva's] behalf. But I hope all my friends are happy and blissful,' she reiterated.