June 13th, 2014


Hehe, the muffled laughter that haunts the Chinese Internet

“The Chinese government is one of the people, by the people and for the people.”

What is the most effective way to express non-interest, cynicism and sarcasm on the Chinese Internet? The answer is: hehe (呵呵).

Originally a phrase that approximates the sound of a giggle, “hehe” has acquired an array of new meanings in the age of social media. Knowledge of the evolution of the term will help explain why the above conversation between two prominent online opinion leaders got shared by thousands of Chinese netizens within hours.

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Source: Offbeat China
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Mark Chao, Gao Yuanyuan are officially married


Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan and Taiwanese actor Mark Chao allegedly finished their marriage registration in Beijing, China, 5 June 2014, and officially became a married couple. Gao and Chao were said to arrive at the marriage registration office in a low profile and finished all paper work by using VIP approach. Gao`s manager confirmed the good news but gave no comment on Gao`s pregnancy yet. After recent non-stop rumors about their suspect wedding photos and Gao`s pregnancy, the pair seemed to make their marriage news finally fatal. Chao and Gao started their romance during the shooting of director Chen Kaige`s movie "Caught in the Web". The pair was drunk in love regardless of their 5-year age gap that Gao was senior, and the long-distance relationship between Beijing and Taipei.