June 4th, 2014

金城武//Sexy specs

Fan Bingbing Becomes China's First Barbie Doll

This must be a strange moment for actress Fan Bingbing. First she saw herself in wax when Madame Tussauds opened in Qianmen in late May, and now she has been immortalized in plastic as China's first Barbie Doll.

"Actress, singer, producer: Fan Bingbing’s star is soaring in her native China and around the globe. From China to Hollywood to Cannes, directors want to make movies with her and acclaimed designers want to dress her. Stylishly stunning, Fan Bingbing is always intriguing and always fascinating! This exquisite Fan Bingbing doll is sculpted to likeness, capturing the actress’s delicate beauty. She wears a re-creation of the Dragon Robe designed by Laurence Hsu and worn by Fan on the red carpet," reads the gushing description on the official Barbie Collector site.

The doll, which looks nothing like Fan, retails for USD 39.95. Purchased at the official Barbie store in Shanghai, and including Fan's autograph, the doll goes for, of course, RMB 888. Only 202 more shopping days until Christmas!

If that's not enough Fan for you, China's most powerful celebrity is on screen around Beijing and the rest of the country right now in X-Men: Days of Future Past as Blink.

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While I don't normally wear dresses, I would wear THAT one.