March 26th, 2014


Yoga Lin gets flak for speaking up on the China-Taiwan trade pact

Taiwanese Mando-pop singer Yoga Lin has drawn flak from Chinese netizens for reposting a lecturer's analysis on the Taiwanese-China trade agreement last Wednesday. The trade pact has resulted in much protests and uproar from the Taiwanese public recently.
The essay, which was titled ˜The impact the trade agreement has on my country', raised the ire of many Chinese netizens, who even demanded that he get out of China.

There were even rumours that China had stopped airing Yoga's songs due to the controversy, and that his concert on June 7 could be cancelled.

Despite the uproar, Yoga remained unfazed and posted an explanation of the essay online. Perhaps every impact has a message, he said. We must not be indifferent towards public affairs.

Yoga, who is in Shanghai to promote his concert, also tried to clear the air during a press conference yesterday.
My intention (of sharing the post) is the same as when I shared little bits of my life, he explained. It's not politically motivated, so I hope my words will not be misinterpreted.

When queried by reporters if he is afraid his popularity in China may be affected, he did not answer directly. Instead, he said: I feel that as long as I focus on producing good music, and that my intentions are good, we can continue to sing.

The press conference ended in 15 minutes, and media queries related to political affairs were left unanswered.

Yoga is not the only celebrity who has received flak for being vocal about the trade pact. Hong Kong and Taiwanese stars such as Mayday, Deserts Chang, Denise Ho, and Chapman To have faced the same issue, only that amongst them, Yoga is the first to face the press in China.


Zhang Ziyi and Chen Kun among Chinese celebs to criticize Malaysian government

On March 24, the Malaysian government officially announced that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had crashed into the Indian Ocean without any survivors. Prime Minister Najib Razak’s announcement was made without producing further evidence, and no wreckage has been found of the plane, which has been missing since March 8. Since two-thirds of the plane’s passengers are Chinese, local celebrities Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Li Bingbing (李冰冰) and Chen Kun (陳坤) reacted with anger over the Malaysian government’s handling of the missing plane, criticizing its incompetency and accusing it of hiding information.

Zhang Ziyi posted on her Weibo, “Malaysian government, you have hurt the whole world! We are looking for the plane. You are looking for opportunity. Malaysian government, you are wrong today. You have misjudged how a government should handle international politics. You have misjudged the kind of respect a government should have for the people. You have misjudged the Chinese people’s persistence in finding out the truth.”

Huang Xiaoming posted, “I really could not take it anymore. The Malaysian government should give everyone an explanation. Give everyone the truth. Give the deceased respect! We want the truth!”

Chen Kun who was never one to hold back his words, proclaimed he will indefinitely boycott all Malaysian produce and tourism unless the government provides a satisfactory explanation. He said, “With regards to the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines’ clown-like prevarication, lies, and disrespect for my compatriots, I speak for myself that I’m going to boycott Malaysian products and tourism…unless the Malaysian government removes their clown mask and gives us the truth.”

Director Wong Kar Wai (王家衛) expressed his sadness over the disappearance of The Grandmaster’s <一代宗師> stunt coordinator, Ju Kun (鞠坤), who was one of the passengers on board flight MH370. Wong said, “A very sad piece of news. The announcement was so sudden. Don’t even know if there would be more news today. But I will remain hopeful as long as the Malaysian government and the airlines have not found any evidence. I hope Ju Kun’s family will be strong. Hope there’s a miracle.”

Li Bingbing expressed her sorrow and also demanded to know the truth behind the missing plane.

Source: Ming Pao

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